Minggu, 11 September 2011

Me and Pink Dress

I just realize that i often wear this outfit, PINK COTTON DRESS! I got this from my sissy, and this is one of my old clothes, but i love it so much. Why? B'coz it profen that i wear it too many time with different style. Maybe, you can follow my trick to mix and match this simple cotton dress :).

 My pink dress with white light outer (actually this is large top with light fabric). Put the belt in the midle, and me got this style! :D.

I feel like become child again with this style ;p, pink are everywhere! Oh, i wear rose ring but it does not looks well in this pic.

Just wear the jeans and me got -boyish but cute- style with turban hijab on my head :).

See, one outfit stuff can be -mix and match- become many style :). Do not need hurry to buy new clothes if we can re design own stuff. Try yours! :)


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